The Workout

Sebastien Lagree Fitness Guru

  • Slow and Controlled Wins

  • The Megaformer

  • Small Group Setting

  • 50 Minute Workouts

  • Never Plateau

Lagree Fitness

Why Lagree Fitness? Well, simply because… it works! The Lagree Fitness method integrates slow and controlled movements to effectively stimulate the slow-twitch, fat-burning muscle fibers responsible for a longer, stronger, and leaner physique.

Lagree Fitness is the most innovative approach to total-body sculpting.

Feel the collective pulse of a small group setting (only 12 spaces per class) combined with heart-pumping music and a motivating Core Coach. In 50-minutes, expect a sweat-dripping, muscle-quivering, total body sculpting workout designed to burn fat, not time. You will get the intensity you need to get the results you want, with virtually no impact on the joints. Your Core Coach will inspire you to push you past your mental and physical threshold to the point of transformation. One you experience the results, you will keep wanting more!


The secret behind Lagree Fitness is the resistance-based Megaformer ™, which was originally inspired by the Pilates reformer and enhanced by the Lagree Fitness training method. We have the latest version of the Megaformer, called the M3, which is 16 years in the making. Our Megaformer classes are the most efficient and effective way to transform your body by toning, lengthening, and strengthening every muscle in only 50 minutes. Your workout is designed to flow from one exercise to the next, therefore maximizing your results in less time.

The Megaformer workout is the only low-impact method of improving total body composition by effectively combining strength, endurance, cardio, balance, flexibility, and core training not only in one workout, but in every move.

How It Works

The key is effective muscle stimulation. Each movement has just enough intensity to trigger the body’s adaptive changes, so you can build long and lean muscle tone while  burning calories and fat. By eliminating the use of momentum, we hold constant tension in the muscles by moving with and against spring resistance as well as your own body weight. Constant muscle contraction pushes the slow-twitch, fat-burning,  muscle fibers to reach a threshold of adaptation, leading to results. You will feel the burn (in the best way)!

How Slow Can You Go?

The slower you move, the better your results! Each exercise is done with slow and controlled movement to eliminate momentum and maintain constant tension to maximize your results. Slow movement targets the slow-twitch, fat-burning muscle fibers. You’ll burn an average of 600 calories per class and spike your metabolic rate for up to 24 hours post workout while your muscles recover. It’s tough on the muscles and kind to the joints. If you’re shaking, you’re doing it right!

Never Plateau

There is no such thing as a fitness plateau with Lagree Fitness. Your Core Coach will work with you as you become stronger to keep the workout forever challenging, and thereby keeping you moving toward progression. With an endless amount of workout combinations that can be performed on the Megaformer and various resistance options, you will never repeat the same workout twice, so the results never end.

Burn Fat, Not Time

You can still get the results you’ve always wanted without spending hours at the gym. You will burn calories & fat, tone up, and improve endurance and flexibility in only 50 minutes. The Megaformer allows for a seamless workout with maximum efficiency. You just have to show up, and sweat!