Testimonial Tuesday: Scott Anderson “I have a six pack again at age 51! “

  Scott, age 51, has tried it all. It wasn’t until he found Core Contour that he discovered the endless benefits of the Megaformer workout, and got his abs back! Read his story below:
IMG_8791Jen, I wanted to thank you for opening Core Contour.  I also need to thank my wife Michelle for insisting that I give it a try. To be honest, I was skeptical when arriving for my first session.  After Cross Fit, P90-X and other more traditional programs, I assumed the Megaformer wouldn’t be a challenging workout.  It not only proved challenging but has caused changes in my body never realized in the previously mentioned workouts.  I have also avoided the shoulder, knee and back injuries caused by these other programs.  Now 6 months in at Core Contour and I have yet to experience any injuries whatsoever.  I am stronger and leaner than I have been in years.  I have a six pack again at age 51!  Again, a big thanks for bringing the Megaformer and Core Contour to east Fort Lauderdale!