Testimonial Tuesday! Dawn Dellapina (100 Club Member)

Dawn Dellapina is our featured Testimonial Tuesday for the week, and also one of our newest 100 Club members! She has completed over 100 classes at Core Contour within her 7 months with us. See what Dawn has to say about her experience below:
I took my first Core Contour class about 7 months ago. I knew right away that this was for me! I was instantly hooked by the intensity of the workout. The first weeks are very challenging but very shortly I saw the transformative potential of this program. The ability to combine different movements in endless creative combinations keeps things fresh and your body & mind challenged. I love the fact that I push every single muscle in my body as far as I possibly can, just for a moment, then it’s over and you’re onto the next move. I can honestly say this is one of the most intense workouts out there. It’s a complete body workout that pushes you in all the right directions. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t think a workout is effective unless you’re sore the next day, then Core Contour is for you! The burn in your obliques, inner thighs and glutes is proof that it works. When I leave, I know for sure the time I just invested was well spent. I can’t say enough about the team at Core Contour. The well-trained and, professional instructors at Core Contour have taught me all the basics of Lagree Fitness and encouraged me every step of the way! The music is always upbeat and the instructor is always there letting you know that the shaking, well, it’s muscle making!! They each have their own style and it shows in their classes. I am so happy I found Core Contour!   Are you ready to join Dawn in the 100 Club? Reserve your Megaformer here!