Testimonial Tuesday: Cara Lerner! “My body has never looked better and I’ve noticed how much stronger I am.”


Cara has been getting in the Shake Zone with us since February this year, and has overcome some challenges while achieving astonishing results. Read her story about how Core Contour helped her get back into shape post-injury! 


I love Core Contour! My body has never looked better and I’ve noticed how much stronger I am. I broke my foot and couldn’t workout for 6 months because the fracture did not heal itself. I was so out of shape. I have always been naturally thin but all the weight I gain goes to my stomach. I can’t even believe the changes I see in my body. I can actually see the beginning of abs forming (which I’ve never had in my life)! No more spanx for me!

The first couple classes were a little discouraging. I couldn’t keep up with people double my age and couldn’t hold most exercises for more than 5 seconds. It’s gotten easier and was well worth the struggle. First, I noticed how different my body was looking and then how I could keep up with the class. 

My sister is getting married in 6 months and is getting nervous about looking her best on her special day. I told her about my experience at Core Contour and sent her a few pics. She was amazed and signed up for the class at the same type of gym in NYC! Now I’m trying to get my mom on board! 

It’s the hardest workout I’ve ever done but it’s full body in 50 minutes. I don’t have to do anything else! 

– Cara


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