Testimonial Tuesday: 3 Weeks, 16 pounds, and 13 inches! Jen B.


Our clients are our #1 inspiration. Jen B. saw a physical and mental transformation in just 3 weeks! We know the mighty Megaformer can be intimidating, but we promise you, you too can accomplish what Jen did! Check out her inspiring story. 

I began training at Core Contour in Ft. Lauderdale in May 2015.  A close friend referred me and ever since I began, it has been a life changing experience. At first I did a semi-private class and upon entering the studio, I must say, I was extremely intimidated.  I have done Pilates in the past, which I have always enjoyed.  I now refer to Core Contour as “Pilates on steroids”.  The work-outs are intense but it really targets muscle toning and definition, because you go slow and there is no help from momentum to get you through the repetitions. 

Although I felt unsteady at first, it only took me three classes to get comfortable with the Megaformer.  I purchased the one-month unlimited and went to class 4-5 times a week.  Although I was not on a strict diet, I was conscientious of what I ate.  I lost 16 pounds and a total of 13 inches in three weeks and my energy and mood was upbeat despite going through a really tough time in my life.

The staff and trainers are excellent and motivated. They are considerate and praise a job well done. They give great alternatives and modifications for the exercises, so its great group class for all levels.

Listening to your body is encouraged as much as challenging yourself.  Even after surgery, my trainers Jen, Regina and Chris were super supportive and offered modifications and tailored my workouts.

Date                      Bust              Waist          Belly            Hips         Each Arm    Each Thigh


5/8/2015             37                    30             35 ½              47              13 ½               27

7/28/2015          34½               29 ½          34                 43 ½          12½               25 ½ 

I can’t express enough how highly I think of this fitness program. Although it’s at least a 20-minute drive for me, I will continue to attend the classes.  I have yet to reach my fitness goal, but I know Core Contour will get me there.


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