Why Runner’s Need Lagree Fitness

Athlete or not, the Lagree Fitness Method is ideal for all who want to get strong and toned. For runners in particular, the method’s emphasis on gluteal and hamstring training combined with core conditioning and cardio, can serve as the perfect way to improve running time and prevent injury. Below is a review of a fellow Lagree studio written by runner and writer on


Some important benefits Lagree has for runners and other athletes include:

  • Flexibility and Range of Motion Improvements
    • Resistance Help to Gently Increase ROM and Flexibility
  • Freedom of Movement + Resistance = Instability which Means that You Get all the Little Guys Recruited!
  • Concentric and Eccentric Muscle Contractions Help to Build Strength Without Using Excessive Weight
  • Dynamic and Isometric Exercises also Contribute to Strength Gains!
  • High Reps Lead to Major Endurance Gains!
  • **Major Emphasis on Core and Glute Activation and Engagement**

Most importantly, is that the Lagree Method efficiently combines all elements of physical fitness SIMULTANEOUSLY, all without impacting the joints.


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