Featured Trainer: Caroline!


Mom, chef, and Megaformer superstar, are just a few ways to describe this week’s featured Core Contour trainer, Caroline! Caroline’s passion for teaching seeps into each and every one of her classes. Read below to find out more about her!

-How has Core helped you to Contour your life, and what does your Lagree body enable you to do?”: 

*The slow, methodical, commitment required to get through each Lagree exercise has translated quite literally for me into my life. It has helped me better overcome and compartmentalize small challenges that without breath, intention and endurance seem overwhelming. If you have ever been on the megaformer, you know just how shaky you can feel and how desperately you want to jump out of an exercise for relief. Reminding myself “it’s just a minute” has helped me push through, get stronger, gain more endurance on and off the mega one minute at a time. My life has continually progressed with my commitment in the studio!

*My strong lagree body has helped me withstand 12 hour days in a kitchen and 24 hour a day mom duty to an active 4 year old boy! It has also helped me safely and swiftly heal life long ballerina knee pain and back pain after having a baby.

 What is your favorite activity or hobby off the Megaformer?: I love to cook, and love to eat! I spend all my time off the Megaformer in the kitchen, doing yoga or skateboarding with my son.

 What inspired you to become a Core Contour trainer?: I was convinced in the first inch of my first Wheelbarrow. Honest. I felt something I had never felt before and it blew my mind. Even with a Ballet, Pilates and Yoga background, after having a baby my core was a foreign entity. This gave me immediate results, helped me push through a particularly challenging chapter in my life with a little extra grace, and I swear I walked out of my first class with a new oblique muscle! Im a fan of function, efficiency, and proof. Lagree hasn’t let me down yet! I want to inspire better, more functional movement and living and I want people to know how easy it can be to take care of yourself. It is so important to make that commitment. As a teacher I want to help students be their OWN informed teachers.

– Favorite type of music?: I love ambient indie, experimental electronic, and everything from hip hop, to instrumental, to classical piano. If it has a good beat, good rhythm, some depth – I can be into it. I have to be able to count though!

– Favorite motivational quote that gets you through tough times?: From the famous Nemo… “Just keep swimming.”

Teaching Schedule:

Monday 5:30 and 6:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30pm.

She is also available for private or semi private sessions upon request.