Client Testimonial: Joseph Lopez

Joseph - Before-After6 months and 40 lbs ago, Joseph committed to a healthier lifestyle of a balanced diet and regular fitness. His commitment paid off in a big way and he continues to show up with a smile at Core Contour 3 times a week. We’ve coached him on this journey and are both proud and inspired by his dedication and positive spirit. The grin in his “after” photo says it all! Here is Joseph’s story:
Earlier this year, my coworkers kept bugging me to try Lagree Fitness method (or as they called it “Pilates on steroids”). As luck would have it, one day while running some errands with my wife, we passed by Core Contour and I recognized the Lagree name. We peeked in through the window and we were so curious about the “Megaformer” that we had to try it. We started taking private classes with Jen to make sure I didn’t bruise my ego by falling off the Megaformer in front of a group class. I have done a lot of different workout methods in the past, but I never experienced anything like Lagree before, my muscles were literally shaking after just a minute. My body had never felt so worked out and exhausted and I had never sweat so much in my life, but I still wanted more. Ever since that 1st class I have been attending 3 classes a week. After 5 months of the Lagree Fitness method and a balanced diet, I have lost 40 lbs  and continue shedding weight with ease. My posture and flexibility have also improved as a result of the workouts and I can officially say I am addicted to Core Contour and it’s amazing team of trainers! You all rock and I can’t wait to take my next class! Thank you Core Contour! -Joseph Lopez
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