Testimonial Tuesday: Scott Anderson “I have a six pack again at age 51! “

  Scott, age 51, has tried it all. It wasn’t until he found Core Contour that he discovered the endless benefits of the Megaformer workout, and got his abs back! Read his story below:
IMG_8791Jen, I wanted to thank you for opening Core Contour.  I also need to thank my wife Michelle for insisting that I give it a try. To be honest, I was skeptical when arriving for my first session.  After Cross Fit, P90-X and other more traditional programs, I assumed the Megaformer wouldn’t be a challenging workout.  It not only proved challenging but has caused changes in my body never realized in the previously mentioned workouts.  I have also avoided the shoulder, knee and back injuries caused by these other programs.  Now 6 months in at Core Contour and I have yet to experience any injuries whatsoever.  I am stronger and leaner than I have been in years.  I have a six pack again at age 51!  Again, a big thanks for bringing the Megaformer and Core Contour to east Fort Lauderdale!

Testimonial Tuesday: Loren (100 Club Member)

This week’s Testimonial Tuesday features one of our 100 Club members, Loren! Within 6 months time, Loren completed over 100 classes with us. See what Loren has to say about her experience with us below:
I throughly enjoyed my time at Core Contour. The staff was highly motivating, helpful and well trained. I’ve suffered from back pain in the past and this was a great way to get a great full body workout without over stressing the back muscles. I have and would recommend anyone to give Core Contour a try. I know they will fall in love with the class, as I did. Enjoy!
– Loren
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Testimonial Tuesday: Shayna Altman-Neal (100 Club Member) “CC has helped my tennis game!”


Shayna embodies our philosophy of being “dedicated to discipline and addicted to transformation” She has been with us since we opened in April of last year. Since then, she has completed over 100 Core Contour classes, earning her spot in our 100 Club! Read her story below:

I was introduced to Core Contour last Spring, and it has been a great discovery! So many of the exercises have been amazing for my hip recovery. I play a lot of tennis and Core Contour has improved my strength and flexibility, which has ultimately helped my tennis game. I love how well the trainers know and understand the body. 

The convenient location and class times have worked for my hectic schedule. I am really happy to have found CC and recommend it to MANY of my friends!

– Shayna Altman-Neal


Thank you Shayna for your dedication and loyalty. 

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Testimonial Tuesday: Cara Lerner! “My body has never looked better and I’ve noticed how much stronger I am.”


Cara has been getting in the Shake Zone with us since February this year, and has overcome some challenges while achieving astonishing results. Read her story about how Core Contour helped her get back into shape post-injury! 


I love Core Contour! My body has never looked better and I’ve noticed how much stronger I am. I broke my foot and couldn’t workout for 6 months because the fracture did not heal itself. I was so out of shape. I have always been naturally thin but all the weight I gain goes to my stomach. I can’t even believe the changes I see in my body. I can actually see the beginning of abs forming (which I’ve never had in my life)! No more spanx for me!

The first couple classes were a little discouraging. I couldn’t keep up with people double my age and couldn’t hold most exercises for more than 5 seconds. It’s gotten easier and was well worth the struggle. First, I noticed how different my body was looking and then how I could keep up with the class. 

My sister is getting married in 6 months and is getting nervous about looking her best on her special day. I told her about my experience at Core Contour and sent her a few pics. She was amazed and signed up for the class at the same type of gym in NYC! Now I’m trying to get my mom on board! 

It’s the hardest workout I’ve ever done but it’s full body in 50 minutes. I don’t have to do anything else! 

– Cara


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Testimonial Tuesday! Dawn Dellapina (100 Club Member)

Dawn Dellapina is our featured Testimonial Tuesday for the week, and also one of our newest 100 Club members! She has completed over 100 classes at Core Contour within her 7 months with us. See what Dawn has to say about her experience below:
I took my first Core Contour class about 7 months ago. I knew right away that this was for me! I was instantly hooked by the intensity of the workout. The first weeks are very challenging but very shortly I saw the transformative potential of this program. The ability to combine different movements in endless creative combinations keeps things fresh and your body & mind challenged. I love the fact that I push every single muscle in my body as far as I possibly can, just for a moment, then it’s over and you’re onto the next move. I can honestly say this is one of the most intense workouts out there. It’s a complete body workout that pushes you in all the right directions. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t think a workout is effective unless you’re sore the next day, then Core Contour is for you! The burn in your obliques, inner thighs and glutes is proof that it works. When I leave, I know for sure the time I just invested was well spent. I can’t say enough about the team at Core Contour. The well-trained and, professional instructors at Core Contour have taught me all the basics of Lagree Fitness and encouraged me every step of the way! The music is always upbeat and the instructor is always there letting you know that the shaking, well, it’s muscle making!! They each have their own style and it shows in their classes. I am so happy I found Core Contour!   Are you ready to join Dawn in the 100 Club? Reserve your Megaformer here!

Testimonial Tuesday! Ronni Coaches

Ronni coaches, 67, has been working out with us since we first opened in March of 2015. She travels seasonally, and enjoys her Megaformer workouts at Core Contour while she’s in Florida. Ronni has become a valued member of the Core Contour community, and we look forward to when she’s back in town! 

I’ve been a gym rat for my whole life. It wasn’t until I found Core Contour that I found my home. Since I started, I feel stronger, I have more energy, and I definitely have more definition, especially in my shoulders. I love this system, I love the owner, I love the instructors. The whole concept is an amazing workout especially for helping older people find balance. I’m crazy about Core Cotour and the Lagree method and I look forward to continuing when I return. 

Testimonial Tuesday: 3 Weeks, 16 pounds, and 13 inches! Jen B.


Our clients are our #1 inspiration. Jen B. saw a physical and mental transformation in just 3 weeks! We know the mighty Megaformer can be intimidating, but we promise you, you too can accomplish what Jen did! Check out her inspiring story. 

I began training at Core Contour in Ft. Lauderdale in May 2015.  A close friend referred me and ever since I began, it has been a life changing experience. At first I did a semi-private class and upon entering the studio, I must say, I was extremely intimidated.  I have done Pilates in the past, which I have always enjoyed.  I now refer to Core Contour as “Pilates on steroids”.  The work-outs are intense but it really targets muscle toning and definition, because you go slow and there is no help from momentum to get you through the repetitions. 

Although I felt unsteady at first, it only took me three classes to get comfortable with the Megaformer.  I purchased the one-month unlimited and went to class 4-5 times a week.  Although I was not on a strict diet, I was conscientious of what I ate.  I lost 16 pounds and a total of 13 inches in three weeks and my energy and mood was upbeat despite going through a really tough time in my life.

The staff and trainers are excellent and motivated. They are considerate and praise a job well done. They give great alternatives and modifications for the exercises, so its great group class for all levels.

Listening to your body is encouraged as much as challenging yourself.  Even after surgery, my trainers Jen, Regina and Chris were super supportive and offered modifications and tailored my workouts.

Date                      Bust              Waist          Belly            Hips         Each Arm    Each Thigh


5/8/2015             37                    30             35 ½              47              13 ½               27

7/28/2015          34½               29 ½          34                 43 ½          12½               25 ½ 

I can’t express enough how highly I think of this fitness program. Although it’s at least a 20-minute drive for me, I will continue to attend the classes.  I have yet to reach my fitness goal, but I know Core Contour will get me there.


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Testimonial Tuesday: Candice Conway (100 Club Member)


Client Testimonial: Joseph Lopez

Joseph - Before-After6 months and 40 lbs ago, Joseph committed to a healthier lifestyle of a balanced diet and regular fitness. His commitment paid off in a big way and he continues to show up with a smile at Core Contour 3 times a week. We’ve coached him on this journey and are both proud and inspired by his dedication and positive spirit. The grin in his “after” photo says it all! Here is Joseph’s story:
Earlier this year, my coworkers kept bugging me to try Lagree Fitness method (or as they called it “Pilates on steroids”). As luck would have it, one day while running some errands with my wife, we passed by Core Contour and I recognized the Lagree name. We peeked in through the window and we were so curious about the “Megaformer” that we had to try it. We started taking private classes with Jen to make sure I didn’t bruise my ego by falling off the Megaformer in front of a group class. I have done a lot of different workout methods in the past, but I never experienced anything like Lagree before, my muscles were literally shaking after just a minute. My body had never felt so worked out and exhausted and I had never sweat so much in my life, but I still wanted more. Ever since that 1st class I have been attending 3 classes a week. After 5 months of the Lagree Fitness method and a balanced diet, I have lost 40 lbs  and continue shedding weight with ease. My posture and flexibility have also improved as a result of the workouts and I can officially say I am addicted to Core Contour and it’s amazing team of trainers! You all rock and I can’t wait to take my next class! Thank you Core Contour! -Joseph Lopez
Are you ready to make a transformation? New clients can try one month of unlimited classes for $99. Call or schedule a class to get started! And if you’re interested in reading more stories of inspirational transformation, check out Susan Phipps who lost 14 lbs in 4 months by working out with the Megaformer. (954) 530-4780 SCHEDULE NOW!