Why Should You Train Your Glutes?

Glutes_Final-1 Admit it, who doesn’t love a nice butt. However there is so much more to the glutes than a hot booty. Throughout history humans have admired and adored the buttocks, even as far back and ancient Greece. The glutes are a collection of muscles that combine to extend, abduct and rotate the leg. In addition they stabilize the trunk as a connection between the upper and lower torsos, and assist in maintaining an erect posture. They are composed of the Gluteus Maximus (GM), Gluteus Medius (Gmed), and Gluteus Minimus (Gmin). It is hypothesized that during the evolution from apes to humans, the gluteal muscles were an integral part of this, by allowing a transition to an upright posture and facilitating the ability to run long distances. (more…)