New Class Time: Wednesday 12:30pm

gl;utes-totalbody   Hey Core Contour Community!   We are so excited to introduce to you our 30 minute Power Blast classes to our weekly schedule each Wednesday from 12:3opm – 1:00pm! Each week’s Power Blast will focus on a different theme, whether it is Booty Burn, Arms and Abs, Cardio Sculpt, Outer Thighs and Quads, or Back and Chest. We recommend taking at least 5 regular 50-minute Megaformer sessions before taking a Power Blast class. As always, fast transitions between exercises are key in achieving optimal results.   Based on feedback, we will be adding more afternoon sessions through the week. To request a class time, please let us know by emailing We would love to hear from you!   Sign up here!

50 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out (When You Really Don’t Feel Like It)

It’s early in the morning, the alarm relentlessly pierces through valued sleep, and with heavy arms you reach for the Snooze button as you think to yourself, “is fitness really that important?” Once in a while, even the best of us can hit a rut. Perhaps you fell out of your group fitness routine, or you’ve found yourself overwhelmed with additional pressures from long work hours. No matter the reason, you can get back to it! The Thought Catalogue gives you 50 ways to motivate yourself to get to your Megaformer, your favorite Pilates class, your morning run, or whatever activity you enjoy (even when you don’t want to). “1. Try a new playlist. Music is a very powerful motivator but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your own music. Here’s a great place to start.

2. Find a gym that has TVs on the treadmills and ellipticals, only allow yourself to watch your favorite show if you do it there.

3. Sign up for quarterly fun fitness activities like a mud run, that way you’re always working towards a big event you’ll want to be prepared for.

4. Find someone with a similar workout schedule to you and plan workouts together. Not only can it be more fun to workout with another person but you’ll have the extra accountability of not wanting to disappoint someone else by not showing up.

5. Working out is a great motivator for working out. That is, just starting and telling yourself you can quit after 10 minutes if you are still unmotivated. Chances are you’ll start to feel good in that amount of time and you’ll be able to finish your full workout.

6. Measure your progress. The scale can be disappointing because our weight fluctuates throughout the day, but a measuring tape doesn’t lie. Tracking progress can be great motivation to keep going. 7. Ditch your car if it’s possible and make yourself walk or bike to work. Or walk to the grocery store and carry your groceries home. Brainstorm little ways to replace things you are already doing with things that are also exercise. 8. Get a personal trainer at your gym (when there’s deals at the beginning of summer, black Friday, and new year’s, stock up). Space out your sessions depending on what you can afford but use it to keep your workouts fresh and have some accountability. For instance, have your trainer show you a routine, do it on your own for three weeks, and then have them show you something new.” (more…)

Gobble for Broward

2015-Flyer-PostcardCore Contour invites you to join us for the 2015 Turkey Trot & Paddle on Thanksgiving Day! (more…)

100 Club, 100 Reasons to Be Proud

CC-100CLUBCore Contour would like to honor Cynthia Brook. Cynthia started working out with us after the Grand Opening of our Lagree Fitness Studio in April and has been giving us her all ever since! (more…)

Core Boutique

  fall clothingCore Contour’s Studio features it’s very own Core Boutique full of the latest trends in outerwear. We have a constantly revolving selection of prints and patterns for your favorite onzie gear including bralettes, leggings, grip socks and other fun accessories to suit any season! In addition we always have BKR environmentally friendly water bottles in stock so you can stay hydrated! (more…)

Featured Coach: Regina Bellora!

REGINA BELLORA-084Meet your Core Contour coach, Regina Bellora! Don’t let her sweet demeanor and infectious smile fool you: she’ll give you one killer workout on the #Megaformer! Read below to learn a little about Regina. (more…)

Pilates vs. Lagree Fitness

IMGL0315aSebastien Lagree was seeing many of his clients combine his Pilates class with an additional workout on the treadmill machine. His clients felt that they were missing the element of sweat, cardio, as well as the results that accompany a high-intensity workout. This didn’t satisfy Sebastien. (more…)

Core Contour Video Premiere

Core Contour presents the video premiere of it’s Lagree Fitness Studio! Take a peak at the soft launch, beautiful new studio, and the amazing core contour team. Core contour is so grateful to be a part of such a supportive community who is embracing the Lagree Fitness Method and transforming their bodies and mind! (more…)