High Protein Snack Ideas

You’ve been coming to Core Contour’s group fitness classes for a while now, and your hard work is starting to pay off! With muscle soreness comes muscle gain, which increases your metabolic rate to burn more fat, and keep a toned physique! Your metabolism is at its highest within the first hour after your workout. This is the best time to refuel and replenish your muscles with healthy protein snacks.  In our last blog, we started a list of healthy, high-protein snacks. We will continue the list this week.
  • Edamame. A bowl of edamame will satisfy your snacking urge and provide plenty of protein.
  • Yogurt. Read the label to get the one with the least sugar- they *do* sneak that in! An organic plain Greek yogurt pass the most protein with the least sugar. For a lactose/dairy free option, we suggest So Delicious Plain almond milk yogurt.
  • Jerky. Our favorite is spicy buffalo jerky. It gets us the chewing we want plus it’s a portable protein.
  • Shakes. Of course, we love our protein shakes. They are filling, cool, refreshing and high in protein. Make sure to read your labels on your protein powders, and select one with no more than 5 grams of sugar per serving. Jen suggests Vega’s All-In-One plant-based powders. Her favorite flavors are chocolate and coconut almond! Try sprinkling it in your yogurt or morning oatmeal to add some variety and extra protein!
  • Hummus. We love to dip baby carrots in hummus…oh! the crunch!
  • Veggie Burgers. Dr. Praegers veggie burger patties are a great choice for our vegetarians and are best served up with healthy fats, such as sliced avocado. It’s a quick, high protein meal to satisfy the hungry athlete!
We hope this gives you some ideas to shake up your protein shake routine on your way to your weight loss and muscle gain goals. Of course, remember to drink plenty of water after your Megaformer workout!

Protein to Build Muscles

Core Contour wants to be your partner in reaching your fitness and weight loss goals. We know from experience that the Lagree Fitness workout gives tangible results over time. You will see the results in your waistline and the line of your hips, but it takes time, effort, and dedication. You’ll want to take group fitness classes on a regular basis and take your training seriously. Transforming your body and life takes dedication and we are here to back you up in your efforts. We all know that eating right is a big part of the transformation and one key factor in this is eating enough protein. Muscle is made of protein and your body needs it to build muscle. Protein is also metabolized more slowly than simple carbohydrates so eating protein is a good way to keep coal in the furnace so you don’t get hungry and eat food that sabotages your efforts.  Here are a few of our favorite high-protein snacks.
  • Cottage Cheese. We love this snack with some tabasco sauce  to give it some zip.
  • Hard boiled eggs are a protein powerhouses.
  • High Protein Oatmeal. Protein plus fiber, what could be better!
  • Banana with peanut butter. We love the indulgent feel we get when we smear peanut butter on a banana and take a bite- and repeat!
How much protein you need is a subject of debate but most people agree that within 30 minutes after your workout is the best time to eat protein for muscle recovery.We will continue the list in our next blog.

Healthy Eating On the Go

PaneraPowerChickenHummusBowl-300 Making healthful food choices while eating out isn’t always easy, especially when you’re on the run during a busy work day. Self Magazine gives us the scoop on some of Panera Bread’s healthier options. Rule of Thumb: look for lean proteins, healthy fats, fresh veggies, and complex carbs such as quinoa and wild rice and ditch the salad dressings for fresh lemon and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (more…)