Featured Trainer: Brooke!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetHow has Core helped you to Contour your life and what does your Lagree body enable you to do?

I FEEL great and am so much stronger. With previous back injuries I was always experiencing weakness in my back and pain, ever since I began using the megaformer my core strength has improved incredibly and my back has naturally improved with it.

What is your favorite activity or hobby off the Megaformer?

My favorite activities off the Megaformer are hot vinyasa yoga, traveling around the world, and swimming in the ocean!

What inspired you to become a Core Contour trainer?

I had been teaching yoga for years and I wanted to add something that required more physical strength. Core contour was exactly that and after seeing such instant results physically and mentally I decided I wanted to teach this to as many people as possible so they can also receive the same benefits.

Favorite type of music?

I love to listen to alternative rock/ indie music.

Favorite motivational quote?

“Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” -Max Ehrmann from The Desiderata


Brooke’s schedule

Wednesday: 12:30 30 minute Power Blast Thursday: 7:30, 8:30, 9:30am 50 minute Megaformer

Featured Trainer: Christopher Push “Move to live, live to move.”


How has Core helped you to Contour your life and what does your Lagree body enable you to do?

Core Contour really makes me look forward to traveling North (from Miami) to be with this terrific group of people we have here that have really impressed me. Core has contoured my life in that regard, in that I look forward to coming to see an enthusiastic, and loyal crowd. It’s my home. The love that I have for the studio and the clients we have here make me very proud.

Lagree has helped me in many physical regards. My most recent hobby is archery. It’s critical in archery to actually be very slow and deliberate on your draw in the way that you engage you muscles, particularly in the sequence in which the muscles become engaged. Lagree has helped me in knowing how to best execute movement, especially movement that needs to be very slow deliberate for accuracy in archery.

What is your favorite activity or hobby off the Megaformer?

I’ve concocted a cool game on the beach with the Aerobie, which is an intense and fun version of frisbee. It’s a great way to use sprint drills without actually doing drills trails. I love to watch it fly with the time release because the timing of a throw has to be perfect.

What inspired you to become a Core Contour trainer?

It was my love of the method, and the opportunity to reach people and have a meaningful impact on their lives. Coming from a health care background many years ago, I liked the aspect of helping people in a positive way the most. I would consider being a fitness instructor as still being within the healthcare continuum, but now on the preventative side of things.

Favorite type of music?

I don’t have a favorite type! In class, anything that has a good beat first and foremost, and something that’s going to move your soul and your spirit as well as your feet. As far as personal taste, if I were deserted on an island and could only choose one band to listen to, I would choose The Beatles or The Art of Noise. Both are very experimental and not genre specific. I’m just a fan of sound!

Favorite motivational quote?

“Move to live, live to move.” -Christopher

During my time in health care, I saw that the common thread among those who were the least healthy was a sedentary lifestyle. “To have energy, you must make energy.” When you move, you create energy, blood is flowing, muscles are firing, and you’re promoting growth in muscle tissue and bone. Studies have shown that people who are living a sedentary lifestyle are actually harming themselves


Christopher’s schedule

Monday: 6am, 8:30am, 9:30am Wednesday: 5:30pm, 6:30pm Friday: 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

Featured Trainer: Caroline!


Mom, chef, and Megaformer superstar, are just a few ways to describe this week’s featured Core Contour trainer, Caroline! Caroline’s passion for teaching seeps into each and every one of her classes. Read below to find out more about her!

-How has Core helped you to Contour your life, and what does your Lagree body enable you to do?”: 

*The slow, methodical, commitment required to get through each Lagree exercise has translated quite literally for me into my life. It has helped me better overcome and compartmentalize small challenges that without breath, intention and endurance seem overwhelming. If you have ever been on the megaformer, you know just how shaky you can feel and how desperately you want to jump out of an exercise for relief. Reminding myself “it’s just a minute” has helped me push through, get stronger, gain more endurance on and off the mega one minute at a time. My life has continually progressed with my commitment in the studio!

*My strong lagree body has helped me withstand 12 hour days in a kitchen and 24 hour a day mom duty to an active 4 year old boy! It has also helped me safely and swiftly heal life long ballerina knee pain and back pain after having a baby.

 What is your favorite activity or hobby off the Megaformer?: I love to cook, and love to eat! I spend all my time off the Megaformer in the kitchen, doing yoga or skateboarding with my son.

 What inspired you to become a Core Contour trainer?: I was convinced in the first inch of my first Wheelbarrow. Honest. I felt something I had never felt before and it blew my mind. Even with a Ballet, Pilates and Yoga background, after having a baby my core was a foreign entity. This gave me immediate results, helped me push through a particularly challenging chapter in my life with a little extra grace, and I swear I walked out of my first class with a new oblique muscle! Im a fan of function, efficiency, and proof. Lagree hasn’t let me down yet! I want to inspire better, more functional movement and living and I want people to know how easy it can be to take care of yourself. It is so important to make that commitment. As a teacher I want to help students be their OWN informed teachers.

– Favorite type of music?: I love ambient indie, experimental electronic, and everything from hip hop, to instrumental, to classical piano. If it has a good beat, good rhythm, some depth – I can be into it. I have to be able to count though!

– Favorite motivational quote that gets you through tough times?: From the famous Nemo… “Just keep swimming.”

Teaching Schedule:

Monday 5:30 and 6:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30pm.

She is also available for private or semi private sessions upon request.

High Protein Snack Ideas

You’ve been coming to Core Contour’s group fitness classes for a while now, and your hard work is starting to pay off! With muscle soreness comes muscle gain, which increases your metabolic rate to burn more fat, and keep a toned physique! Your metabolism is at its highest within the first hour after your workout. This is the best time to refuel and replenish your muscles with healthy protein snacks.  In our last blog, we started a list of healthy, high-protein snacks. We will continue the list this week.
  • Edamame. A bowl of edamame will satisfy your snacking urge and provide plenty of protein.
  • Yogurt. Read the label to get the one with the least sugar- they *do* sneak that in! An organic plain Greek yogurt pass the most protein with the least sugar. For a lactose/dairy free option, we suggest So Delicious Plain almond milk yogurt.
  • Jerky. Our favorite is spicy buffalo jerky. It gets us the chewing we want plus it’s a portable protein.
  • Shakes. Of course, we love our protein shakes. They are filling, cool, refreshing and high in protein. Make sure to read your labels on your protein powders, and select one with no more than 5 grams of sugar per serving. Jen suggests Vega’s All-In-One plant-based powders. Her favorite flavors are chocolate and coconut almond! Try sprinkling it in your yogurt or morning oatmeal to add some variety and extra protein!
  • Hummus. We love to dip baby carrots in hummus…oh! the crunch!
  • Veggie Burgers. Dr. Praegers veggie burger patties are a great choice for our vegetarians and are best served up with healthy fats, such as sliced avocado. It’s a quick, high protein meal to satisfy the hungry athlete!
We hope this gives you some ideas to shake up your protein shake routine on your way to your weight loss and muscle gain goals. Of course, remember to drink plenty of water after your Megaformer workout!

Protein to Build Muscles

Core Contour wants to be your partner in reaching your fitness and weight loss goals. We know from experience that the Lagree Fitness workout gives tangible results over time. You will see the results in your waistline and the line of your hips, but it takes time, effort, and dedication. You’ll want to take group fitness classes on a regular basis and take your training seriously. Transforming your body and life takes dedication and we are here to back you up in your efforts. We all know that eating right is a big part of the transformation and one key factor in this is eating enough protein. Muscle is made of protein and your body needs it to build muscle. Protein is also metabolized more slowly than simple carbohydrates so eating protein is a good way to keep coal in the furnace so you don’t get hungry and eat food that sabotages your efforts.  Here are a few of our favorite high-protein snacks.
  • Cottage Cheese. We love this snack with some tabasco sauce  to give it some zip.
  • Hard boiled eggs are a protein powerhouses.
  • High Protein Oatmeal. Protein plus fiber, what could be better!
  • Banana with peanut butter. We love the indulgent feel we get when we smear peanut butter on a banana and take a bite- and repeat!
How much protein you need is a subject of debate but most people agree that within 30 minutes after your workout is the best time to eat protein for muscle recovery.We will continue the list in our next blog.

Treadmill Vs. Lagree Method



Lagree M3 Megaformer

Cardiovascular workout Cardiovascular workout + more fat burning
Repetitive Motion Wide range of motions
Casues excess wear and tear over time Lessens repetitive stress on joints
No accomodation for injuries Limitless amount of excercises to accomodate injuries
Lower Body Work Out Total Body Stimulation + Core + Balance
Heart Rate Peaks Heart Rate consistently increases through out the workout higher + hits percentile faster + stay in the zone longer

Why Runner’s Need Lagree Fitness

Athlete or not, the Lagree Fitness Method is ideal for all who want to get strong and toned. For runners in particular, the method’s emphasis on gluteal and hamstring training combined with core conditioning and cardio, can serve as the perfect way to improve running time and prevent injury. Below is a review of a fellow Lagree studio written by runner and writer on


Some important benefits Lagree has for runners and other athletes include:

  • Flexibility and Range of Motion Improvements
    • Resistance Help to Gently Increase ROM and Flexibility
  • Freedom of Movement + Resistance = Instability which Means that You Get all the Little Guys Recruited!
  • Concentric and Eccentric Muscle Contractions Help to Build Strength Without Using Excessive Weight
  • Dynamic and Isometric Exercises also Contribute to Strength Gains!
  • High Reps Lead to Major Endurance Gains!
  • **Major Emphasis on Core and Glute Activation and Engagement**

Most importantly, is that the Lagree Method efficiently combines all elements of physical fitness SIMULTANEOUSLY, all without impacting the joints.


Click here to view the full article.


New Trainer: Brooke Diaz!

  • What can we expect from your class?
My class is a fun yet challenging experience. I think it is important to understand that we are stronger than we think we are; our mind and bodies are capable of achieving great things when that strength is applied. I’d love to have every participant walk out of the class feeling better than the way they walked in.
  • What is your favorite Lagree Fitness move?
I love oblique exercises! Two of my favorites are Mermaid Crunch and Kneeling Torso Twists.      
  • How has the Lagree Fitness method impacted you?
I immediately noticed much more strength in my abdominals. As a yoga teacher I focus on my core to better my balance and stability but adding Lagree Fitness into my workout routines I now see the increased strength of my core helping with my inversions and arm balances. I’ve also noticed how quickly the workout shows physical results which is always a bonus.      
  • What is your favorite way to refuel after a Mega sweat sesh?
SUPERFOOD GREEN SMOOTHIES and WATER! Nothing better than feeling hydrated and nourished.
  • What is the most influential book you’re read?
The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama.

Stationary Bike vs. Megaformer M3

How does the Megaformer deliver a cardiovascular workout while improving total body composition? Watch the video below to compare the cardio benefits of the popular stationary bike vs. the Megaformer M3.

Stationary Bike

M3 Megaformer
Cardiovascular workout Cardiovascular workout + increased fat burning
Repetitive Motion Wide range of motions
Casues excess wear and tear over time Lessens repetitive stress on joints
No accomodation for injuries Limitless amount of excercises to accomodate injuries
Lower Body Work Out Total Body Stimulation + Core + Balance
Heart Rate Peaks Heart Rate consistently increases through out the workout higher + hits percentile faster + stay in the zone longer

Testimonial Tuesday: Scott Anderson “I have a six pack again at age 51! “

  Scott, age 51, has tried it all. It wasn’t until he found Core Contour that he discovered the endless benefits of the Megaformer workout, and got his abs back! Read his story below:
IMG_8791Jen, I wanted to thank you for opening Core Contour.  I also need to thank my wife Michelle for insisting that I give it a try. To be honest, I was skeptical when arriving for my first session.  After Cross Fit, P90-X and other more traditional programs, I assumed the Megaformer wouldn’t be a challenging workout.  It not only proved challenging but has caused changes in my body never realized in the previously mentioned workouts.  I have also avoided the shoulder, knee and back injuries caused by these other programs.  Now 6 months in at Core Contour and I have yet to experience any injuries whatsoever.  I am stronger and leaner than I have been in years.  I have a six pack again at age 51!  Again, a big thanks for bringing the Megaformer and Core Contour to east Fort Lauderdale!